Expanding Workplace Mental Wellness

Nurturing Our Wellbeing

Angelique has been featured in

 Services at Nurturing Our Wellbeing  have supported :

  • The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world’s leading research centers in its field
  • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences who’s staff offers a range of specialized assessment and treatment services to those living with complex and serious mental illness
  • The Canadian Support Workers Association, the only recognized National Professional Association for Personal Support Workers

She has been called a “self-care guru” and “unicorn” in relation to the unique blend of training in Psychology, Nursing, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Somatic Healing & Embodied modalities. These modalities gracefully flow through her unique way of building capacity in the areas of mental wellness, psychological safety and workplace trauma.

Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W) offers specialized boutique mental wellness consulting services. It is dedicated to a world where holistic self-care is sustainable, nurturing teams and enhancing workplace culture.

“There was always a takeaway that people could apply to help manage whatever their concerns were…”

– Tanya Hickey | Senior Manager, Health & Safety Ontario Power Generation

“Angelique quickly established herself as an expert, which – in a room full or professionals who can be cynical – is critical. Her style was a perfect combination of handholding, without being overbearing, when participants struggled with concepts. She is able to adapt quickly to the knowledge level of the room, not dwelling on concepts we understood and taking the time to explain (repeatedly when necessary) concepts that weren’t as obvious.”

– Todd Humber | Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters

“I was the main contact person with Angelique and had requests to customize the workshop to our organization and she fulfilled all the requests flawlessly. I strongly recommend Angelique if your company/organization is looking to give employees the tools to become more resilient and aware of changes in their own mental health…”

– Esther Ariri | Business Service Coordinator, Access Independent Living Services

Benefits of N.O.W Services

Benefits for Employees

  • Sense of Belonging Increased
  • Self-Care knowledge Increased
  • Realistic wellness plan
  • Empowered and enhanced collective resilience

We focus on what matters to them so they can effectively focus on what matters to you

 Benefits for Employers

  • Increase in productivity
  • Decreased in health care premiums
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Reduced risk of employee absenteeism
  • Faster return to work rates
  • Higher job satisfaction amongst employees
  • Improved recruitment and retention

Clients who trusted and benefited from Angelique’s services

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Why Wait, Start N.O.W

Each webinar is formatted as follows:

  1. An interactive educational component to reduce stigma and increase mental wellness knowledge
  2. Experimental component to allow participants to be guided and practice a strategy; building their own personalized self-care toolbox
  3. Q&A to customize any additional resources to support further learning for the participants

Click here to learn more about the various workshops. Series package is recommended to better equip those in a Management / Supervisory / Lead position so that they will not only learn how to manage their own mental health, but learn ways to best support the people around them.

Why Wait? Start N.O.W

The process at Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W)  is integrative and holistic. Applying evidence based concepts from psychology, nursing, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The choices of wellness topics will expand the mental health capacity within your team; transforming their life-work balance.