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Do you ever wake up and think to yourself

"there must be more to life than this?"

Do you feel stuck? lack energy or feel emotionally drained? Do you feel stress is taking over your life? Do you feel there is not enough time in the day and you cannot catch your breath?

You are not alone. 

Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W) does  not only represent a philosophy of making a mind and body shift, it also an ACTION of why wait, start NOW!

Transformation takes time, but it can happen and it can happen for you!


Welcome to N.O.W

(Nurturing Our Wellbeing)

With Angelique Benois

Your Emotional Health Specialist

Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W) offers  corporate wellness workshops to enhance your teams health and productivity. In addition, integrative individual sessions. are also offered.  


For corporations: Our workshops are customized, engaging and always informative. Built to culitvate a workplace culture which supports emotional wellness for all.

For the individual: Our unique combination of therapy, counselling and coaching provides you with the ability to change your relationship with stress, develop practical coping strategies you can use every day!


The N.O.W Philosophy

I believe that we are all unique and dynamic beings, thus any sustainable transformation should flow in the same pattern. The strategies offered,  individually or in a workshop format, are offered in a dynamic way to include various learning styles.

The process focuses on integrating and bridging the gap between where you are, where you want to be and where you need to be as a company and /or individual


You will get your own:

Individualized Counsellor/Therapist


Accountability Partner


Wellness Educator


Personal Yoga



Private Guided Mindfulness Coach



You will be coached and supported as to how you can mindfully reduce your anxiety and fatigue. You will be shown a variety of strategies and strengthen the mind- body connection.

Your Time Is N.O.W.

The process at Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W)  is integrative and holistic. Applying evidence based concepts from psychology, nursing, yoga and mindfulness a memorable learning experience is offered.

N.O.W is not traditional talk-therapy. It is not focused on only wanting to feel better about a challenging situation, it is for those who want to live a better life.

N.O.W is about the action of moving through stress, doing what needs to be done in the moment and shifting from procrastination.

N.O.W will leave you with a healthier relationship with stress; it will leave you with a sustainable transformation of being, breathing and living life.

N.O.W is customized to you and your lifestyle from start to finish.

And to top this all off N.O.W is built on the belief that transformations are measurable. Time is precious and nobody wants to feel as if any of it was not used to the highest value.

***Covered by most insurances. Please check your benefit packages for possible reimbursements.

Internal Energy and Wellness

Subconsciously we have all experienced a life situation where we have minimized or dismissed its impact on us for whatever reason. These situations build internally on an energetic level. During our journey together, we need to be opened to the fact that this could have been a barrier to previous attempts of wellness. This is another benefit of the N.O.W process, as it integrates different philosophies knowing that we are complex and dynamic beings so it makes sense that how we approach and transform things need to hold the same space and flow in a similar direction.

Getting Started!

As a starting point, we offer a free Discovery Call which helps us to get to know each other. Our conversation together over the phone is to establish a direction and expectations as you decide to transform your life into one of health, progression and happier way of living.


Book a discovery call



"Angelique illustrated her expertise in offering personalized and adaptable yoga and stress management sessions to individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, psychosis and/or to coping with the stress of returning back to the everyday stressors of life. Angelique empowers others through offering knowledge regarding the various aspects of maintaining their well-being. Angelique pours herself into what she offers to ensure it is a positive experience and meets the expectations of the people she serves."


— Heather Morhorn, RPN, Whitby, ON

The information contained in this website or provided through our blogs, emails, programs or online products is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that can be provided by your medical professional.

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