What others are saying about the N.O.W process.

“Angelique illustrated her expertise in offering personalized and adaptable yoga and stress management sessions to individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, psychosis and/or to coping with the stress of returning back to the everyday stressors of life. Angelique empowers others through offering knowledge regarding the various aspects of maintaining their well-being. Angelique pours herself into what she offers to ensure it is a positive experience and meets the expectations of the people she serves.”

— Heather Morhorn, RPN, Whitby, ON

“I have nothing, but positive words to describe Angelique. She is very professional and has a calming way of offering education and wellness strategies to groups. When she offered her services to our pharmacy team she created a safe space for us to gain more insight into our emotional health and empowered us to try new mindfulness strategies. The resources she provided was relevant and practical for our team to utilize between sessions and/or once our sessions with her were completed.”

— Catherine Semple, Pharmacist, Whitby, ON

Richard O’Hare

Manager, Service Business Line @ Atlas Copco

“Angelique has shown to be an extremely caring and passionate leader in the area of self-care and guiding others to develop a healthy well-being. When offering our team mindfulness sessions and consultation she remained positive, down-to-earth, respectful and encouraged collaborative thinking. Angelique is dedicated in empowering others in their own wellness journey and finds ways to make the process fun, engaging and impactful.”

— Dr. Daniela Hlousek, Psychiatrist, Whitby, ON

“Angelique’s work is a tremendous gift to this world. As the Director of a Community Organization that promotes wellness through group-singing, I had an opportunity to listen to Angelique speak February 2018. It was a deeply informative, impactful, and life-changing experience! Angelique, thank you for the work you do, and for this amazing opportunity to learn from your skills and experience.”

— Mila Redwood, Founder & Director of Sing for Joy

Christina Fuda

Mental Health First Aid Coordinator @ Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

“Angelique quickly established herself as an expert, which – in a room full or professionals who can be cynical – is critical. Her style was a perfect combination of handholding, without being overbearing, when participants struggled with concepts. She is able to adapt quickly to the knowledge level of the room, not dwelling on concepts we understood and taking the time to explain (repeatedly when necessary) concepts that weren’t as obvious.”

— Todd Humber, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Aug 2018

“I have much gratitude for how Angelique has helped me over the last six months. She has been a “chiropractor” for my soul and mind and has helped me make those “adjustments” to get back on the right course and stay there.”

– Rick McCallion, July 2018

Garth Edwards, (He, Him)

Program Coordinator, Provincial Youth Outreach Worker Program, Strategy and System Management @ Strides Toronto

“I had the pleasure of working with Angelique for many years and saw the positive results of her work first hand. She was a dedicated therapist, who worked very effectively with her clients to help them manage their stress, regulate their emotions and improve their sleep, with non-medication relaxation therapies.”

— Dr. Michael Colleton, Psychiatrist, Brampton, ON

“I had the pleasure of being a participant in one of Angelique’s talks. This talk was on the importance of self-care and how it relates to our professional and personal happiness. Despite the fact that it was a large audience, Angelique achieved taking me on a journey. I felt as if she was speaking to me and it was inspiring, engaging and packed with tips of how to improve my life. I would go to another one of her talks again without any hesitation.”

— Jackie Gordon, YRDSB Guidance Counsellor/Teacher, May 2017

Phil Johnson

Manager of Community Services & Systems Change @ TAIBU Community Health Centre

“I had the pleasure to hear Angelique speak in April 2017. Her presentation was impactful, moving and extremely valuable. The way she weaved in her nursing knowledge regarding emotional mindfulness strategies created a great learning experience. She has a knack for engaging with the audience despite the large number of people she is speaking to. I found Angelique very relatable as she shared her story and perspective. I not only learned something, I felt that I got to know her too. Keep sharing your wellness knowledge Angelique!”

— Natasha Halliday, MA, CYC, April 2017

“During the time Angelique spent with our group she offered us wellness education, practical coping strategies and was adaptable to the needs of our group. She was professional and found interactive ways to engage us all. It was a very valuable experience.”

— Natalie Venus, Pharmacist, Richmond Hill, ON

Scott Alton

Operations Manager @ Boomerang

“I am fortunate to have recently attended a Mental Health First Aid course expertly facilitated by Angelique. Her humour, honesty, openness in sharing personal anecdotes and nurturing of an inclusive space help build a safe forum for participants. I strongly recommend her as an authentic instructor and gifted facilitator. It is a joy to be in Angelique’s audience!”

— Slyvia Kern, MCATD, MCOD, Learning and Organizational Development Professional,October 2018

“The training was excellent and Angelique is an absolutely incredible instructor; she is engaging, knowledgeable, helpful and a genuine pleasure to be around. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and will be pushing for more sessions.”

— Kellie Foster | Associate Analyst, Toronto, ON, 2019

Ryan Fuentes

Registered Social Worker & Program Coordinator @ TAIBU Health Centre

“I had the pleasure of participating in Angelique’s Work Life Balance Workshop, delivered as part of the 3-day Youth Outreach Workers Provincial Conference. It had a great mix of both theory and practice. I especially enjoyed the guided portion of the workshop and definitely will be incorporating some of the strategies learned in the workshop. Angelique has a relaxed and informal style encouraging participation. I would recommend her services to other organizations looking to enhance employee wellness.”

— Muriel Rounthwaite, Project Coordinator, Preferred Pronoun: She/Her, Strides Toronto

“Angelique delivered five lunch and learn webinars over several weeks. Her presentations were very informative and real. There was always a takeaway that people could apply to help manage whatever their concerns were. From tapping, to yoga, mindfulness and healthy eating, there were always great tips. We had a very favourable number of participants each time and the feedback was always positive. In fact, we added to our webinar series based on the great feedback that we received. Angelique was an engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge. We look forward to having her again in the future.”

— Tanya Hickey | Senior Manager, Health & Safety Ontario Power Generation

Griselda Gonzalez-Arellano

Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Personal Branding Consultant