Angelique Benois

Angelique Benois, the Founder and Director of Nurturing Our Wellbeing Inc., holds a Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Nursing, and is certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She also has completed a “Mental Health in the Workplace” leadership certification via Queen’s University; which allows her to be recognized as an expert in workplace mental.

Angelique has two decades specializing in mental and emotional health and she has worked extensively in this area; both in Canada and internationally. She is a Advanced Practice Nurse, Psychotherapist, Yoga Practitioner and trained in various complimentary somatic trauma healing modalities.

The events of life have a ripple effect similar to how the ocean has an unpredictable undercurrent expanding beyond eyesight. “My self-care has evolved with me through both personal curiosity and professional training”. Self-care has supported Angelique in managing the waves of trauma in her life, ranging from a significant car accident causing her vehicle to be propelled into an 18-wheeler truck. “I was Blessed and found out I was pregnant a week after my car accident, meaning treatment options were limited, causing me to alter my perception of “pain”…the entire experience proved to me the power of specific self-care practices and how it not only shifts the mindset, but soothes the central nervous system,  allowing healing.”

Self-care is what prevented Angelique from emotionally drowning when she found herself simultaneously supporting five different family members who turned to her for help navigating their life. 

 Angelique has definitely been tested and puts trust in the message she delivers to others. “Certain self-care strategies can serve as an effective “life-jacket” when the undercurrent pulls you away from the shore of comfort and familiarity. Now, I can remain still long enough in the chaos to regain some calm and perspective.”

The discoveries within Angelique’s life challenges, extensive trainings and clinical exposure helps her to create impactful connections with other professionals… “creating synergy and resonance is very important to me. When meeting a group, I authentically feel it is OUR opportunity to create a more psychologically healing environments, internally, externally and/or both”.

Professionally, Angelique has experienced the emotional impact of being in environments lacking psychological safety. Propelling her career into the direction of mental wellness consultation.

These experiences, along with others, allowed Angelique to practice the message she promotes to busy professionals across numerous sectors. “Self-care is the Best care.  It is what will sustain, restore and empower you. There is no point in procrastinating, start taking care of yourself and your team differently now.”

    In 2017, Angelique decided to combine her extensive nursing background, psychotherapy skills and expertise in complementary therapies, to offer customized services where leaders and their teams build accountable and healthier work environments. The business model consists of  various partners and specialized consultants offering an array of high-quality services all of which result in happier organizations and healthier communities.  

Youth mental health is where is started with Angelique’s professional journey. A natural knack to assess, engage, validate and connect with youth has allowed her to plant important seeds within our youth communities.

Angelique has a passion for supporting diverse groups, embracing alternative approaches to mental health and helping others on their wellness path.

    Angelique is a proud mom of a creative 10-year-old little girl, has traveled to every continent and has been fortunate to live in Costa Rica, New Zealand and now resides in Canada .

Nature, travel, yoga, trying new activities, reading a good book and/or simply listening to an array of musical genres soothes her soul.