Why N.O.W

Nurturing Our Wellbeing was born on these 3 premises

Avoid Procrastinating within our self-care practices

We evolve and are dynamic by nature, our self-care practices should reflect this in order to be sustainable.

It is OUR responsibility to take care of ourselves holistically as the results ripple out to those around us

Cultivating these three premises within the workplace will help to transform workplace cultures. Not only impacting work productivity, team dynamics and possibly reducing the number sick leaves, but it can also positively impact your teams families and communities.


How wonderful is that?

I honestly believe that collectively we impact each other, either negatively or positively.

When I help you reach their mental health goals, I know this has a ripple effect which will positively impact the people around you, the people who you love and who love you. This was the reason I need to have “OUR” as part of my business name… we are in this process together.


To equip as many people to trust that with the right knowledge and different approaches they can achieve Positive Mindset Solutions (PMS) which works for them. Keep it realistic, practical and relevant. My mission is to reach various workplaces and individuals knowing that it is contributing to us reaching Better Mental Health for All.


Plain and simple to advocate for good mental health for all across the globe (Directly & Indirectly). The workplace allows for several people at one time to feel the impact of taking control of their own self-care. In addition, offering these workshops has a ripple effect as for each person learning new strategies they indirectly impact those around them.

Our Approach

It is more than yoga, it is more than psychotherapy, it is more than educating/sharing knowledge. We have learned that talk- therapy is not for everyone and yoga, even though becoming more familiar, still has several myths. Both my workshops and individual sessions have a format which utilizes 4 approaches. This allows individuals & teams to not only learn about how they can apply self-care at work, but it creates a sustainable plan, allowing mental health self-care to become a lifestyle, similar to brushing one’s teeth.

A Call To Action

If you do not make time to best manage your mental wellbeing, you may be forced to find time to manage the consequences.