This is the time of year when some of us may feel a burst of energy! There is something about the sunshine which inspires new motivations and action towards all of our goals. Maybe this is a time we reflect on New Years self-care goals and internally say “now I have energy to move ahead with goals”.

For each of us, our self-care goals stem from different drives. Maybe you want to improve your health so you can play with your young kids. Maybe you want to find peace during the day at your busy job. All of our goals stem from different motivations.

These self-care goals are backed by a drive, which can be separated into three categories;

  1. Avoiding harms
  2. Approaching rewards
  3. Attaching/connecting to others

Now, if these are the reasons people connect to their goals, where is the disconnect we see when people lack motivation? Often, we mis-connect our drives and our goals, resulting in a sense of loneliness, and decrease in morale.

The idea of a self-care goal should be to identify and connect it with your drive. Aligning your drive with your core values will not only allow you to reach your goals, but sustain them. Not only change you, but transform you.

Take for example, a business executive who is finding themselves with anxiety caused by constant work, which has led to an increase in weight. Their self-care goal may be to release this stress, find a sense of peace, and lose weight. Now, if the underlying aspect of this goal is to avoid sickness, as they are fearful of the effect the stress and weight will have on them, the underlying drive is to avoid harm. However, if they motivate themselves with a new car when they hit a certain goal, the motivation will be lacking after a few weeks. The mis-aligned drive and goal, and subsequent lack of motivation, will have an effect on their mental-health.

Now, if that same executive identifies their true desire to avoid harm, and can find a way to motivate themselves when they understand this drive, they will sustain their practice, increase motivation, and ultimately, be more likely to achieve their self-care goals.

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