We all have to-do lists. It is a natural part of being human. Even if you don’t write it down, it’s there. But is it the best method for getting stuff done?

There is lots of science to back-up that writing down goals is a good way to stick to them. There is even more science to say that numbering them in a priority-based list can help you work even more effectively.
But what if it’s not the writing that we should change, but instead, what we write?

The concept of an ” Intention lists” has become increasingly popular for busy people worldwide. Instead of passively writing down what you want to do, your intention list is a proactive document of how each day moves you one step closer to your life goals.

These aren’t just things that HAVE to get done today, but instead, a list of forward-thinking goals that contribute to the long-term vision of who you are.

Re-doing your old “To-Do list” as an “Intention list” can have a number of benefits:
#1 – You see the value in doing what you are doing.
#2 – You can preserve your time. Yes, it feels nice to try and check 10 things of your To-Do list. But when 5 of those 10 really weren’t important, were the even worth your time? By actively thinking about what is a need, and what is a want, you can make each minute count towards what matters to your goal version of yourself.
#3 – By creating your Intention List in the morning, you can start each day with a clear focus on your purpose. Just like meditating, this can be a calming mechanism that is also a productive mechanism. Two for the price of one!

Example of an Intention List:
My Thursday:
1. Go to the gym – This will clear my head for the day and work me towards my goal of a healthy weight so I can be active with my kids!
2. Write 500 words for my book – A life goal to give my knowledge of X to the next generation!
3. Roll out of bed and do “Legs-Up-the-Wall” for 5 minutes- This will allow me to connect with myself which in turn will increase my patience with my children, ultimately improving my relationship with them.

That seems a lot more meaningful then:
1. Go to gym
2. Write more of book
3. Do self-care

Tomorrow morning, find a quiet place, a coffee or tea, grab a new notebook, and try this for yourself!

I would love for you to reach out to me and let me know how intention-lists have changed your productivity for 2020! Remember Your time is N.O.W.

Breathing with you,