For Corporations

How the N.O.W process can help your Staff and your Business

Have you noticed your work morale is not where you would like it to be? Notice absenteeism rates with your teams increasing?


Unsure as to how to identify and best support an employee who may be experiencing a mental health problem?

Booking A Workplace Workshop With

Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W)

Is Your Solution.

Arranging an educational, interactive, practical and tailored workshop for your team will create numerous benefits. Similar to the complexities within individuals, each workplace has its own workplace culture and needs. In person workshops are guaranteed to meet the needs and build capacity within your team.

We all learn differently which is the why our programs incorporate a variety of learning mediums and apply various learning principles.

N.O.W is a time to regain a balance. It offers sophisticated structure and signature workshops which are derived from evidence-based practices. It approaches emotional health from various angles to ensure that it is holistic in its focus, customized to meet relevant needs, is goal orientated with measurable outcomes.

Frequently asked questions

How long are your workshops?

It depends on what your expected outcomes are. I have offered 2 hours - 2 day workshops.

Do we need to have yoga mats for employee’s?

No, that is not necessary as I tend to focus on introducing modified yoga which can be done within the office setting. Practical and beneficial to do each day as needed.

What will the team learn?

The options vary, increased knowledge on what mental health problems are and what are the signs/symptoms of a mental health problem. Ways to best support a person in the workplace experiencing a mental health problem and self-care strategies to prevent a mental illness are the most popular requests. However, other topics have been requested and successfully offered.

How large of a group do you offer your workshops to?

I suggest no more than 40 as it is a very sensitive topic. 15-20 is ideal and usually offers an intimate setting where individuals feel they can share and ask the crucial questions.

I notice you offers your services are live and interactive via a video conference platform, is this how it works for corporations also?

Yes. Happy you asked this question, to keep innovative and accessible I do offer live virtual workshops. This is particularly helpful if you have more than one location/branch and/or your business is in a rural location. Essentially we can connect and your teams can benefit from these wellness workshops across the globe.

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