Emotional health is OUR business as it is believed that offering the most appropriate support, not only benefits the individual, but it has a ripple effect which extends to our friends, co-workers, family, teams and communities. It was once stated “… That you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind” (Mitch Albom). Here at N.O.W we believe in the concept of collective wellness. We achieve this by offering customized packages with a sustainable plan. The knowledge, activities and strategies introduced are to cultivate an enhanced lifestyle, one in which you will recognize the feeling of being balanced, enhanced energy, connection and fulfillment.

Each of the programs offered at Nurturing Our Wellbeing focuses on the unsatisfied way many people feel when attempting to manage their stress. The compounding stress we face each day is causing many to feel the chronic ramifications of an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system. Resulting to feelings of disconnect and discouragement; in turn impacting our overall health, relationships, productivity and joy in our lives.

A common concern is feeling stretched in different directions, forcing us to either squeeze in activities for our health or remove it from our to-do list all together.

Unfortunately, these approaches do not change the level of stress or the health consequences as a result of it. By committing to one of the programs offered to you we will work together in a structured process based on evidence-based practices which have been proven to work. You will be able to be an active participant of improving your well-being, but the process and plan will be designed for you based on your needs and current lifestyle, making it easy for you to implement.

Does the thought of driving and parking stresses you out? No worries, that is the beauty of this arrangement. We can connect privately anywhere you want…so technically the service comes to you.

Not comfortable with “talking” about your stressors?- We understand….this is the reason we have so many alternative options for you to reach your goals without relaying solely on talking. The programs are creative and dynamic so you will feel comfortable; the more comfortable you feel the more likely you are to continue and apply the strategies to cultivate your new healthy lifestyle.

Do you feel you not have time to focus on your emotional health? Got that covered also. When you can imbed strategies into your normal everyday life it no longer feels like you have to find an hour or two everyday. The analogy which may makes sense is if you can remember how you felt when you first started driving your car, the awkwardness, you were not 100% confident to park it in certain spaces so it took you longer. Same is with your emotional health.

Some of the strategies may feel awkward, but then it will simply become a part of you and the way you flow through your day. If we do not make time for our health, we will eventually have to make time for our illnesses.

These programs are for individuals who have taken the first 2 steps towards better emotional health. These 2 steps being:

  1. Acknowledgment
  2. A knowing they want to make a commitment towards making positive changes to a healthier and happier person now

From there we can work together through the rest of the steps:

  1. How to qualify and quantify that they are committing to the right health program- this is key. You need to be comfortable with the person you choose to guide you on this journey, be willing to start to build a trusting relationship and know that you will likely reach your goals and desires through the services they offer. This is the reason you are encouraged to use the free consultation sessions offered. You need to feel you can connect with the person and believe in their approach. We want you to reach your goals and feel a healthier and happier you.
  2. Then it is about jumping in and working on your mindset regarding your emotional wellbeing and how it relates to other aspects of your life. We approach this step with experiential exposure to specific strategies. Coupled with increasing your knowledge base. Knowledge is power and this power is the driving force at times, to try something out of your comfort box. Allowing this often is the best internal -shift-creator.
  3. Practicing the new way of being. It takes discipline, but underneath the discipline one needs to really feel and understand it is worth it, the rational behind the suggested strategies the way it is and the importance of creating a muscle memory through your established routine. We are altering habitual cognitions and working under the scientific premise of neuroplasticity (we are altering the way our neurons interact with each other in the brain). The roots of toxic stress lie deep in the nervous system. This is the reason being offered the tools which go beyond the conceptual mind to directly target that system is the optimal way to long-standing changes.
  4. Finding ways to sustain what is learned and to remain self-motivated!