An up-coming 5 week program:
Somatic: Self-Care For Trauma.

This recorded program is a must have for any individual who is interested in learning more about trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout and sustainable self care. The importance of boundaries, managing emotions, mindfulness, meditation, customized yoga and various ways to nurture our central nervous system will be covered. Moving through this program will assist you to remain authentic to your emotions, feel empowered in your wellbeing, and foster self-compassion as you strive professionally and personally.

$39.99 + hst

Participants will:

  1. Learn various mind-body self-care strategies to apply immediately
  2. Gain new insights about the impact of trauma
  3. Receive tools to shift into a sustainable selfcare mindset
  4. Release stress & cultivate healing
  5. Enhance your mental health toolkit, impacting your mental and physical health
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