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N.O.W Programs and Services

Workplace Yoga

N.O.W yoga  is good for in the office, at home and can be modified for workplaces where you are on your feet & on the go. You/your team members will have four types of yoga styles to choose from and/or a customized combination can be offered based on their needs:

Trauma Informed Yoga– Focusing on sensations, emotional triggers, exploring with a heavy emphasis on remaining grounded and calming the central nervous system as they move through various guided postures.

Kemetic Yoga– Afrocentric yoga for those who are searching for a connection to their ancestors and higher self. This form of yoga originated from Egypt and focuses on the movement of energy through the body with a deep emphasis on the breath with the movement.

Ashtanga Yoga– is a highly structured series of postures where you will be moving through a flow. It is for those looking for a physical challenge and cardio workout.

Yin Yoga is for those whose body needs to slow down and be offered a deep opportunity to release stress, relax the tissues and facia under the muscle to alleviate build up anxiety and trauma in the body.

Executive and team Energy Sessions

In these sessions you/your teams will be guided through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) “Tapping” and other strategies proven to shift energy states and support the central nervous system. Research shows it helps manage various mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and burnout. Physical complaints such back pain, migraines and supports better concentration, motivations levels and productivity.

On-Call Mental Health Support

These services will support you/your team as you implement systemic changes and/or decide to address systemic issues which can cause re-traumatization for your employees. This could occur when managing racial trauma within a group, implementation of return to work accommodations, rolling-out anti-stigma campaigns, navigating the complaints process within teams and/or promoting new inclusion & diversity protocols. A history of trauma puts an employee at higher risk for burnout & compassion fatigue. Providing a mental health specialist as a form of support during these sensitive moments is essential for the psychological safety of your workplace and mental health for your employees.

Executive and team Energy Sessions

One on one focus where we can strategically zero in on what you need as a leader to get your job done & achieve your highest level of satisfaction. This process is customized to your needs and meets you where you are at to allow you to achieve your goals quickly from using a variety of approaches which are practical, yet proven to be powerful.

Group Webinars

Each webinar is formatted as follows:

  1. An interactive educational component to reduce stigma and increase mental wellness knowledge
  2. Experimental component to allow participants to be guided and practice a strategy; building their own personalized self-care toolbox
  3. Q&A to customize any additional resources to support further learning for the participants

Click here to learn more about the various workshops. Series package is recommended to better equip those in a Management / Supervisory / Lead position so that they will not only learn how to manage their own mental health, but learn ways to best support the people around them.

Workplace Mental Wellness Assessments

Not sure where you stand, the root cause and/or where you should start in the area of making changes in your workplace then you found one of the best options to support you as you venture on making change. 

Employee-Mental Wellness surveys and a Workplace Mental Wellness Audit tools will be used to gather additional information. These measures will help in the process of creating a transformation supportive of psychological safety in your workspace.

Meditation, Mindfulness & Visualization

Practicing mindfulness and various forms of meditation involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress. There are a variety of ways to insert these self-care practices into your workday and ways in which you can incorporate these strategies into your lifestyle will be explored with you to ensure you leave with a sustainability plan. 

These services are best to be offered in a package of four or more sessions. Offered individually or in a group.

Breathing Services

People usually underestimate the power of the breath and just how many different types/ways available to them. Within these services we will move through various breathing techniques to manage a long list of mental health concerns such as sleep, mood fluctuations, low energy, poor concentration, anger/irritation, anxiety, guilt to name a few.