This recorded program is for any individual who is interested in learning more about trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout and sustainable self care. The importance of boundaries, managing emotions, mindfulness, meditation, customized yoga and various ways to nurture our central nervous system will be covered. Moving through this program will assist you to remain authentic to your emotions, feel empowered in your wellbeing, and foster self-compassion as you strive professionally and personally.

Module 1

The basics of trauma

Topics covered

  • What is trauma?
  • Impact of trauma on life
  • Consequences that trauma causes to health holistically
  • Impact of trauma on work and relationships

Module 2

Symptoms and stages

In this module…

  • Symptoms of trauma
  • Stages of trauma

Module 3

Effective strategies in dealing with trauma

In this module…

  • Various strategies in dealing with trauma
  • Somatic therapies

Module 4

Consideration and compassion fatigue

In this module…

  • Considerations when beginning to assist someone with trauma disorder

Module 5

Offering support

In this module…

  • Offer support to people suffering from trauma around you