“Angelique has shown to be an extremely caring and passionate leader in the area of self-care and guiding others to develop a healthy well-being. When offering our team mindfulness sessions and consultation she remained positive, down-to-earth, respectful and encouraged collaborative thinking. Angelique is dedicated in empowering others in their own wellness journey and finds ways to make the process fun, engaging and impactful.”

— Dr. Daniela Hlousek, Psychiatrist, Whitby, ON

“A big thank you to Debbie for creating a safe space for me to grow within. She made me feel at ease, her expertise and experience supported me in harnessing my power. After each session with her I’ve been left on a high, feeling light, flexible and eager to take another session.”

Sasha Reid, Founder & CEO | Alkaline Wellness Center

“Sonia is amazing and a mentor to me. She is a truly gifted teacher and very special holistic energy worker! As a calm, grounded teacher with lots of experience, she offers a wonderful variety of meaningful meditation sessions.  I have had the pleasure of experiencing Sonia’s kindness and exceptional classes through her involvement with the Heart House Hospice. Each of her sessions foster a safe and comforting environment for many individuals to learn how to address their life’s situation, grief, anxiety and fears.  Her sessions create a state of calm and peacefulness within, as well as allows participants an opportunity to freely share their experiences if they choose.  We are all so very grateful for her generous time and energy in providing these warm heartfelt meditation sessions.”

Tanja Pereira, Health and Wellness Coordinator | Heart House Hospice

Buy The Elements of Wellness Program $39.99

Can you imagine working in an environment where your teams are energized, highly productive and the creative energy simply flows. You can witness supportive team interactions that leave others focused, connected and motivated, despite if teams are working remotely or in person.

Elements of Wellness embodies over 60 years of collective wellness professional experience where we will share our knowledge and guide your team(s) to navigate burn-out, overwhelm and stress.

They will learn how to identify their internal triggers impacting their work productivity and will be guided as to how to cultivate simple and productive techniques to result in a sustainable selfcare practice throughout their workday.

This program is built on the understanding that our environment and the elements that exist within and around us impacts physical & mental health. By learning how to  harness the power of the elements as a way to apply the forces of nature into everyday life your teams will significantly benefit professionally & personally.

Module One : Earth
Will guide your teams to the power of Earth and ways to remain grounded despite the chaos and constant change. They will learn how connecting with earth energy enhances clarity & focus and reduces the habit of auto-pilot. Helping them to be pro-active instead of reactive.

Module Two : Water
Will provide an opportunity for your teams to learn how to connect the mind-body to assist in reducing agitation, inducing patience for themselves and others while increasing their level of confidence. They will move towards being adaptable and learn how to navigate around and through the rough waters of these times.

Module Three : Fire
In this stage of the program your teams will be introduced to how they can  connect with their inner self-esteem and confidence. For employees who may be sitting in doubt they will learn strategies of how to build on strengths and ignite their inner fire to enhance motivation and drastically improve team morale.

Module Four : Air
In this module they will learn to harness the power of the breath. They will learn how to remove stress out of your body and expand their capacity to contain their creativity. By connecting to the heart space it will allow  for more compassion towards themselves and others. Resulting in better conflict resolution.

Module Five : Ether
Your teams will learn how the environment can affect us internally and how it is absorbed and impacts how we show up in the workspace. They will learn how to access their intuition and learn understanding how this environmental energy flows and internally impact their work-life balance and how they are able to express themselves efficiently.

Module Six : Self-Hypnosis
In our final module it will consolidate the power of the various elements. Your teams will learn how to harness their subconscious mind to achieve goals and overcome limited beliefs and fears which impact them from achieving work responsibilities and finding inner joy.


What is this program about?

This program is about learning ways you can offer your teams and/or yourself an opportunity to explore sustainable self-care practices from the context of the elements of earth, fire, water, air, ether and space.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who is living a fast- paced lifestyle and managing multiple demands.

Anyone looking to learn and be guided as to how they can slow down, take meaningful pauses and live a healthier life.

Can I access the program from my mobile phone?

Yes you can.

Is this course for individuals or groups?
Individuals as it is all about your own wellness journey, but there is a benefit for companies to create support groups to accompany this program. Please contact your HR Department, program facilitator, work place mental health consultant regarding how this can be offered in your work environment.
When can I expect results?
It varies for each individual as emotions and mental growth is a personalized journey. However, utilizing the reflective exercises provided within the program will help you to gauge and recognize your new learnings and shifts.
Must I be experienced in breathwork, yoga, meditation, or hypnosis to benefit from this course?
No you do not. This program is guided for beginner, moderate and advanced levels of practicing any of these techniques.
Are these courses good for children? Is there a minimum age?

It was designed with the adult professional in mind, hence, the choice of language and wording may not be understood for a young child. This impacts the level of appropriateness and/or benefit for younger populations.

Can I listen while driving, working, or exercising?

No, we advise that you do not practice any of these while driving or managing heavy machinery.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention that everyone experiences on a daily basis in the form of daydreaming, getting lost in or being absorbed in an assignment, project, movie, music, thought or a conversation.

The relaxed state of hypnosis can provide access to the subconscious part of the mind and its infinite resources of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Hypnosis can be used for therapeutic purposes, for achieving desired goals, as well as for enhancing performance (E.g., public speaking, performing on stage, athletes, increasing confidence, productivity, and motivation), by clearing any underlying fears, phobias and limiting beliefs.

Can I be hypnotised?

Everyone can be hypnotised at varying degrees. We all go through this natural state, before drifting off to sleep and when absorbed in something. If you have ever driven on a familiar route without paying 100% attention to every sign and turn, or gotten lost in a thought and missed a exit, then you have already experienced natural hypnosis.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. To remain in hypnosis there needs to be an interaction. The next stage would be sleep. So, you may drift into sleep and then wake up feeling refreshed.

Is there any reason I should not practice self-hypnosis?

It is best not to do self-hypnosis when you are feeling very anxious, emotional or suffer from a mental health condition.

What if I have a question or I have technical problems with accessing the program?

Please reach out to us in the email provided for prompt resolution.

Is there a guarantee that I will be satisfied with my investment?
We are confident that you will grow throughout this process by learning new self-care tips and/ or feel differently. If, however you do not we will be sure to reimburse you.