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How the N.O.W process works

Discovery Call

As with all interactions, it starts with a conversation together over the phone to establish a direction and expectations. Once this is established you will receive an email with a layout of what is included in the package options.

Once you select a package (3 or 6 month) and a start date is in place, you will receive your Welcome Package which is comparable an intake at the doctors’ office, however you will quickly realize the questions are not your standard assessment questions. These questions will both help you become more reflective and for me to gain a better understanding of your values to start the customization of your package. Building a plan which is in alignment to your core values is an important part of the sustainability of the plan.

Measurable Goals

are developed to offer a clear direction and a tool we can use to measure shifts towards your desire change. All of our one-on-one live sessions will take on a platform which allows us to be interactive together. Sessions are normally 60 minutes in length. Depending on your selected package, there are “deep dive” sessions which are 90 minutes.

Between sessions expect resources, challenges and videos to keep you engaged, educated and informed about all the strategies shown to you during the sessions.

You can expect that within each session you will be introduced to a new strategy to expand your “self-care tool kit”. Another unique feature included in the packages is an opportunity to invite a loved-one to a session if it would be of benefit to you. Feedback has confirmed that this has created a supportive system after programs are complete, enhancing the sustainability of your transformation.

Frequently asked questions

What does a session look like?

“Structured Uniqueness” What do I mean by this…well each session is structured to a certain extent, however, is uniquely different from anything you have experienced before, because it has been created for you. No broad brush, no cookie-cutter fit, sessions are all formulated based on what you share with me and what comes to surface during our journey together.

Do I need to be physically flexible?

Physically flexible no, mentally flexible yes. You need to be opened. Be open to the possibility that modified yoga could offer your life something new. Our sessions are for someone who has never tried yoga and, but will still serve the advanced yogi. The asanas are chosen based on presenting symptoms and the reason for their selection is explained.

What do you mean “spiritual approach” Do I need to be religious?

Absolutely not. Religion is not a part of any of the programs. What is meant by spiritual is connection. A deep connection with yourself and your environment (people, nature etc).

Do I have to have a mental illness to participate?

No, the programs can benefit anyone who is experiencing stress from work overload, disproportioned work-life balance, increased anger or impaired sleeping routines. For those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness it will allow you to understand your diagnosis differently and expand your ability to manage your symptoms holistically.

The information contained in this website or provided through our blogs, emails, programs or online products is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that can be provided by your medical professional.

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