Year Transformational Program

You are ready to explore your new heights, but tend to procrastinate at times. You know committing to this process will give you the structure, individualized attention and personalized approach to help you engage and follow-through on your promise to yourself. You have been exposed to a tremendous amount of stress, either a build up over time, or an acute situation. You are looking for a new way of being; to rebalance and move forward with new approaches, honouring all you have been through and your desire to grow. You feel fatigued, drained, but hopeful that with direction change is possible. You have found the right program for you.

You are reading this for a reason, your time is NOW.

What you can expect when you enroll in the One Year Transformation Program:

We will be working on 5 levels during this journey, emotional, cognitive, physical, behavioural and spiritual (not religious). You will be exposed to numerous tips, strategies and resources to increase the changes of you prioritizing your wellness routine into a lifestyle. We will remove some of your life barriers and ensure you remain motivated to a routine which works for your overall health. You will receive weekly resources, emotional wellness plans with alterations if necessary, free organizational items to help you sustain your wellness regime.


Will be able to have a friend, co-worker and/or family member join up to 6 of your sessions for FREE (same individual or different individual per session) for the purposes of building a circle of support during your journey. You will receive a FREE essential health package which will reinforce your emotional wellness goals. Free access to webinars and podcasts offering some of the strategies we explored in our sessions to further help you maintain your new health lifestyle. Free podcast access with various guided meditations.


If interested and appropriate a free MHFA training for place of work/business (up to 7 individuals, reduced price for other staff up to 15 individuals ). FREE weekend exposure getaway (if in the Greater Toronto Area area). Debating ??

The information contained in this website or provided through our blogs, emails, programs or online products is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that can be provided by your medical professional.

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