About N.O.W

Why me and why now

Nurturing Our Wellbeing (N.O.W) is born on two premises. First is with understanding that procrastination is a powerful thing and realizing that moving towards obtaining a healthier emotional health is something we all need to urgently is the easy part, learning how to do it is a completely different situation. Carving out time to get to yet another appointment could contribute to your procrastination, so I decided to make it easy and will meet you where you are. You can be at home in your PJ’s, in your work office or travelling to foreign lands; with sessions being live via video it takes away so many barriers which we often view as traditional appointments creating.

Secondly, I honestly believe that collectively we impact each other, either negatively or positively.

When I help you reach their mental health goals, I know this has a ripple effect which will positively impact the people around you, the people who you love and who love you. This is the reason I need to have “OUR” as part of the description of the service I offer...we are in this process


About Me

I decided to study Psychology as I have always been fascinated in human behavior, but then moved to Costa Rica and realized that Nursing would allow me to serve people holistically; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I then came back to Canada to study Nursing and ended up completing both my Masters in Nursing and my post-graduate studies (Nurse Practitioner degree) specializing in mental and emotional health.

I have been in the Nursing profession for over 18 years working with children, youth and adults both in Canada and internationally in New Zealand and Dominican Republic

I realized that talk-therapy is not for everyone which led me to go obtain my certification as a Yoga Instructor in Goa, India in 2009, and become certified in Street Yoga; which focused on offering yoga with a trauma-sensitive lens. Over the last nine years of in my Nursing profession, I have led yoga and mindfulness sessions in a variety of settings and have lived experience of the benefits of combining evidence-based practice of various therapies together within a strategic process of connection, movement and mindfulness.

Giving Back

Noticing the growing level of stress and mental health problems within corporations I became certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. In addition, completed a "Mental Health in the Workplace" leadership certification via Queen’s University; all of which placed me to be recognized as an expert in workplace mental health.

In 2017, I received a "Worldwide Leader in Healthcare" nursing award from the International Nurses Association for my contribution to the profession.

 Regardless of my education or clinical experience I always flow through life as a student, as continuous learning is something I highly value. In the picture above I am offering an introduction to "tapping" a technique proven to help manage stress, trauma and many other aspects of our wellbeing. Traveling is my passion and becoming a mother is my proudest moment. Parenting has allowed me to practice what I learned on my yoga mat and within my educational path into my day to day life.

Shared Life Experience

And you know what, my lived experiences and putting what was learned into practice is where the magic happened. It is challenging to be in a corporate leadership role, the breadwinner and a parent. I know firsthand that stress within the workplace does not end in the office. It trickles into our relationships and can contribute to us feeling disconnected to the world and within ourselves. 

Having had to give in my resignation from a leadership position after being on stress-leave and supporting a family member through their journey of living with a mental illness I know how depleting it can feel when we mismanage stress.

We often try to deny and/or resist it. However, stress can spread across all aspects in our lives and it can spread fast! but there are ways to embrace it, yes you read correctly, you can embrace stress and it allows your life to flow smoother and I would like to share some of these strategies with you.

A Call To Action

This is why I am here to stand and move with you. If you are unsure as to what to do next or how to do it, then N.O.W is your solution to try in this moment. If you do not make time for your emotional health, you may be forced to make time to deal with your mental illness later.


To equip as many people to trust that with the right knowledge and different approaches they can achieve Positive Mindset Solutions (PMS) which works for them. Keep it realistic, practical and relevant.  My mission is to reach various workplaces and individuals knowing that it is contributing to us reaching Better Mental Health for All.


Plain and simple to advocate for good mental health for all across the globe (Directly & Indirectly). The workplace allows for several people at one time to feel the impact of taking control of their own self-care. In addition, offering these workshops has a ripple effect as for each person learning new strategies they indirectly impact those around them.

My Approach

It is more than yoga, it is more than psychotherapy, it is more than educating/sharing knowledge. I have learned that talk- therapy is not for everyone and yoga, even though becoming more familiar, still has several myths. Both my workshops and individual sessions have a format which utilizes 4 approaches. This allows individuals & teams to not only learn about how they can apply self-care at work, but it creates a sustainable plan, allowing mental health self-care to become a lifestyle, similar to brushing one’s teeth.

The information contained in this website or provided through our blogs, emails, programs or online products is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that can be provided by your medical professional.

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