About Us

Angelique Benois

Angelique Benois, the Founder and Director of Nurturing Our Wellbeing Inc., has been in the Nursing profession for over 18 years. Her specialization is in mental and emotional health and she has worked extensively in this area; both in Canada and internationally. Angelique holds a Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Nursing, and is certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She also has completed a “Mental Health in the Workplace” leadership certification via Queen’s University; which allows her to be recognized as an expert in workplace mental health.

Angelique is aware that transformation is a dynamic process and this is the reason that beyond increasing your teams knowledge regarding emotional health, reducing stigmas and/or offering mental health consultations she obtained additional training  within several complimentary wellness strategies. She lives by example and  is passionate about introducing your team(s) to “practical yoga” (no mat need and no you do not need to be flexible), various breathing strategies, Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as “tapping” (a form of Energy Psychology) and meditations.

About Angelique

Angelique decided to study Psychology as she have always been fascinated in human behavior, but then moved to Costa Rica and realized that Nursing would allow her to serve people holistically; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She then came back to Canada to study Nursing and ended up completing both my Masters in Nursing and my post-graduate studies (Nurse Practitioner degree) specializing in mental and emotional health.

Angelique has been in the Nursing profession for over 18 years working with children, youth and adults both in Canada and internationally in New Zealand and Dominican Republic

It is essential that we move beyond knowing or understanding. We must practice the tools that are going to create an experience, so we feel the difference. Angelique believes in Action.  “We have to be within our actions in a meaningful and substainable way, both at home and our workplaces”.

Giving Back

From Angelique’s multiple years working with the adolescent population it was a natural for her to respond to the  growing level of reported stress within workspaces in relation to the mental health of their adolescents. Understanding the links between home stress and work stress easily allowed Angelique to add adolescent focused programs to her service offerings, “it just made sense”; all of which placed Angelique to be recognized as an expert in workplace mental health.

In 2017, Angelique received a “Worldwide Leader in Healthcare” nursing award from the International Nurses Association for my contribution to the profession.

Traveling is Angelique’s passion and has contributed to her easy-going, down-to-earth, yet professional facilitation style. She often highlights how becoming a mother as her proudest moment. “Parenting has allowed me to practice what I learned on my self-care journey and within my educational path into my day to day life”.

Shared Life Experience

The impact of stress has a ripple effect. Angelique knows firsthand that stress within work spaces does not end within workspaces, especially as many are working from home. It trickles into our relationships and can contribute to us feeling disconnected to the world and within ourselves. As a mental health leader who has supported several employee’s coming back from a stress leave and at one point needing to take a stress-leave herself, Angelique understands the complexities of the experience and this drives her passion to holistically support teams in a comprehensive manner.

After being on stress-leave and supporting a family member through their experiences of living with a mental health problem it created a pivot in her career. All leading to Angelique giving in her resignation from a leadership position. “I know how depleting it can feel when we mismanage stress”


In 2017, Angelique decided to combine her extensive nursing background with her expertise in complementary therapies, to offer evidence-based health services where people can learn strategies to create a life-work balance and connect with themselves and those around them more meaningfully. Supporting teams in ways which deepen their knowledge regarding mental wellness and enhancing their work-life balance through strengthening their emotional health; creating healthier people and happier communities. 


So How Does This Education & Experience Benefit You?

Through her entire nursing career she was faced with a variety of complex issues all of which needed to be solved with measurable outcomes as people’s and/or their loved one’s lives depended on it.

“Your teams consist of individuals who all deserve attention, have value and are worthy of a fulfilling life.”

Your teams are guaranteed to not only learn something new about their mental health, but to be supported in an inclusive, non-judgmental, calming and professionally warm manner”.