Did you know June is Men’s Health Awareness month? It is – and I felt this would be a good opportunity to speak to the men out there about a simple way to improve key areas in their health (ladies, please pass this on to the men in your lives).

Yoga isn’t just about stretching; it’s also about improving your emotional health and overall wellbeing. And men, specifically, can enjoy plenty of surprising benefits when they fold it into their workout routine.

Here are 4 great reasons to add yoga to your life:

1.You Can Improve Your Sex Life!
A 2011 study published in the found that men who practiced yoga for 12 weeks reported improved sexual function. It measured men’s desire, satisfaction with sex, performance, and ability to control their orgasm. The study’s authors concluded that the results were likely due to several contributing factors, including better pelvic muscle tone, improvements in mood, and a reduction in anxiety.

2. You Get Better Sleep
In addition to more (and better) sex, you sleep well. I have worked with many men who’ve reported having trouble falling and/or remaining asleep, and I recommended yoga. Connecting to the breath and relaxing your muscles through yogic practice contribute to improved sleep. Reports suggest that doing yoga is an effective treatment option for the patients with insomnia.

3. It Improves Your Productivity
Looking to up your productivity at work? Yoga can help. Research indicates that yoga increases the mental resilience of employees. That’s especially true for people in high-powered positions who may be more susceptible to burnout.

4. It Reduces Stress
Yoga has been found to increase your body’s ability to respond to stress more effectively by reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and easing respiration. Research has even indicated that yoga suppresses the activation of certain genes that cause inflammation – a common response to stress – which can lead to a number of unwanted health issues.

So, if you have not yet considered including yoga into your self-care regime, maybe one or all of the reasons above will intrigue you to reconsider. Make this June be the start to you trying something new and healthy. Remember…Your Time is N.O.W.


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